The Renaissance Center in Dickson, Tennessee

Freed-Hardeman University has a Renaissance Center in Dickson, Tennessee. The Renaissance Center is a community centered learning center, with a focus on broadening and encouraging the experience of the Arts. It contains live theater performances, classes in music and visual arts, school field trips that showcase the Cybersphere and Michael Faraday Science Show, and event venues for any size of meeting, workshop, and occasion.

The Renaissance Players

Who are the Renaissance Players? The Renaissance Players are a group of people formed in 1999; they began performing that same year. They’ve put on a total of over 85 plays and musicals to date. The Renaissance Players have provided over 400 people hailing from Dickson and surrounding areas with the opportunity to get on stage and perform themselves. Unsurprisingly, they’ve delighted thousands with their gifted ability at the practice of live theater.

Classes at the Renaissance Center

Upcoming classes include the following: community art classes on Saturdays, and community music classes. Let’s dive into the music more. For musical instrument lessons we have: piano; guitar; voice; brass; woodwinds; strings; more guitar (different teacher); bass; banjo; and mandolin. Children’s music, children and adult choir, and musical theater are also included.

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Cybersphere at the Renaissance Center 

With a name like Cybersphere, you may think of cyberpunk movies involving dystopias. Nothing of the sort is present at the Renaissance Center, whose cybersphere is in fact a digital planetarium system at the heart of its educational experience. The Renaissance Center Cybersphere is able to generate real-time 3D full-color demonstrations of astronomical phenomena in a full dome. The Cybersphere theater also contains a collection of high-quality video projection devices. A sophisticated control system is also present in the theater, able to synchronize every device at once.

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