Clement Railroad Hotel Museum in Dickson, Tennessee

Clement Railroad Hotel Museum is a museum in Dickson, Tennessee that aims to explore and celebrate the innovative leadership, alongside values, that have shaped the community of Dickson over time. It also aims to provide educational opportunities that connect the past to the present and enhance quality of life.

Hotel Halbrook

Clement Railroad Hotel Museum is located in a building known as Hotel Halbrook. Hotel Halbrook was constructed in 1913; it is one of the few extant examples of a railroad hotel in a small Tennessee town. Its function was that of a working man’s hotel until 1954. It opened to the public once again on June 9, 2009, and was known from then on as the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum. It is the Tennessee Historical Commission’s second most visited historic site.

Clement Railroad Hotel Museum: What’s to Offer?

Clement Railroad Hotel Museum offers exhibits and collections. Said exhibits and collections relate to and explore the history (and heritage) of Dickson County; the Western Highland Rim; and the State of Tennessee. They also relate to the railroad, iron ore industry, commerce, the Civil War, settlement, and the accomplishments of a well-loved Tennessee governor known by Frank G. Clement. Clement Railroad Hotel Museum has possession of many artifacts relating to Governor Clement and his family.

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As A Visitor

As a visitor to Clement Railroad Hotel Museum, you can see the rooms where the Clements lived whilst managing Hotel Halbrook, alongside viewing exhibits about Governor Clement’s early years, his campaigns, and his accomplishments. Clement Railroad Hotel Museum also contains a visitor center in the very heart of Dickson – one of the best places to be. It also has model trains, tours, group visits, and school field trips. Admission goes as follows: adults, $6; 60 & above, 6-12, or serving in the military, $4; 5 & under, no cost. Parking carries no cost.

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