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We are proud to be the locally owned and operated patio enclosure, outdoor fireplace and stamped concrete company you can count on to give you the best results for your project. Serving Dickson and the nearby vicinity, Monster Home Services LLC has the knowledge and experience needed to take on any challenge relating to gutter services and screen rooms. For more information about what we can do, contact Monster Home Services LLC today!

Patio Enclosures Monster Home Services Dickson TN

Locally serving Dickson and the surrounding vicinity, Monster Home Services LLC is proud to be the gutter company you can rely on for the best services.

Offering the greatest services for your gutter and screened porch needs, you can trust that Monster Home Services LLC has the skill and expertise necessary to soar past your expectations. Locally serving Dickson and the nearby areas, Monster Home Services LLC is proud to be the gutter company you can count on for premium services.

Want a Covered Patio, Screen Porch, or Retractable Screens? Those are our Specialties along with our gutter services.

Let our expert team demonstrate what quality workmanship and customer service really are through our residential gutter services and patio covers. With our dedication to your satisfaction and our aim of making your home more enjoyable throughout the whole year, you can always expect an end result that lives up to your dreams. For more information about our services, contact Monster Home Services LLC today!

Stamped Concrete Patios​ Monster Home Services Dickson TN

Monster Strong Patio and Deck Surfaces with Stamped Concrete

  • Stamped concrete has superior durability and weather resistance
  • Stamped Concrete offers 1000s of color variations
  • Stamped concrete patios are a cost-effective alternative for natural stones

Stamped concrete or textured/ imprinted concrete is concrete that has been altered to make it look like another material. This can range from brick to stone, or even tile. With a wide range of designs and color options, this allows for what you desire in decorating decks, pool patios, driveways, and more. Our inexpensive paving choice requires less care than other materials you may deal with.

If you work with us, you will soon realize the 1000s of color variations. Many people attempt to add to their home’s landscape and style, and pick patterns and colors that mix with current elements. Although some claim to do concrete jobs, few actually go by the right preparation of the site and accurate concrete mixtures. This is why their patios will not last nearly as long as they could. Monster comprehends how important the factors are in order to give you structure and a long-lasting patio you and your friends will appreciate for years and years.

Outdoor Fireplace Vents​ Monster Home Services Dickson TN

Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

  • An outdoor fireplace is a beautiful addition that provides heat and ambiance
  • We can construct a fireplace that fits any home’s decor
  • An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can extend your backyard comfort

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can grow your backyard comfort, particularly in the fall, as the nights get cold. Not only that, but they can make a great point in your landscaping as a heating source for cool evenings. A custom fire pit is an adaptable addition that enhances your delight in your yard.

Monster Home Services offers Dickson Tennessee top-of-the-line work as our primary concern. As we have a team of instructed professionals, we work with accuracy to guarantee that all outdoor fireplaces are assembled strong and sturdy for your use and years to come. Along with our low prices, you may even be shocked to know just how cost-effective an outdoor fireplace installation is.

Patio Covers Monster Home Services Dickson TN
  • The Best Patio Enclosure Supplier in Williamson County
  • The only 5 Star Google rated Patio Cover Installer in Goodlettsville
  • From metal patio covers, to aluminum patio covers, to wood patio covers, we can cover it all!
  • Enjoy unlimited patio enclosures ideas by working with us.

At Monster Home Services, we use aluminum products that are rust immune and offer you years and years of maintenance free living. Patio Covers expand your outdoor living space and enjoyment. Patio Covers provide shelter from the sun, rain, and other elements.

Patio Covers are great for sheltering your patio furniture, entertaining guests outdoors, or outdoor cooking. We have many different styles of covers, ready to be chosen to fit your home and your budget. A new Patio Cover is the answer to many patio problems, including yours!

Screen Room Monster Home Services Dickson TN
  • Get advice from the best screened porch installers in Wilson County
  • 5 Star Google rated out of the Screen Porch Companies
  • Screen in a patio and spend more time comfortably outdoors
  • Get a FREE Quote to find out how much it cost to screen in your patio!

Monster Home Services LLC is proud to be the team you can rely on to make your home’s outdoor area functional and comfortable throughout the seasons of the year. Monster Home Services will customize your screen enclosures to be the right fit for your screen room or screened in porch. When you want your home to be more enjoyable and comfortable over the months, choose Monster Home Services LLC.

We offer a huge variety of patio screen enclosures and screen room systems, one of which is bound to be perfect for your lifestyle. We provide Aluminum Frame Systems, Retractable Patio Screens, Standard Insect Screens, Solar Screens, and Pet Screens. So many options to meet your situation’s specific needs for a screen porch in Dickson.

Sunroom Contractor Dickson TN Monster Home Services

Let us present you with a Sunroom Built Monster Strong in Dickson and the surrounding area

  • Engage the Best Sunroom Installers in your County for a Sunroom Addition
  • A 5 Star Google Rating proves that you are working with the best of the best serving Clarksville.
  • Ask for a FREE Quote to know what to be expecting for your home’s new sunroom.
  • You will have unlimited Sunroom ideas and more right at your fingertips when you choose to work with us.

If you choose to add to your home with a sunroom, you will realize quite fast that it is the most visited room in your home. Our wide range of door, window, wall, and roof options lets you customize every area of your sunroom. A sunroom made by Monster Home Services LLC will show you how you can create a new spot in your home that fits your lifestyle.

Monster Home Services LLC is delighted to be able to now offer custom-designed sunrooms and enclosures for Dickson, TN, and the surrounding areas. We want to help you design and build your fantasy sunroom!


About Dickson, TN

What is Dickson, Tennessee? Aside from being a city, it’s a great place to visit. Here’s why.

Dickson, Tennessee and History

Dickson, Tennessee has a wide-ranging and varied history. With that in mind, let’s get started. Dickson started as a stop on a railroad line between Nashville and the Tennessee River. During the Civil War, Union troops completed the supply line, resulting in the community being called Mile Post 42 for its distance from Nashville. What the community was originally called is not currently agreed on; there are conflicting reports on that matter. One theory holds that it was called Sneedsville in honor of a railroad engineer by the name Sneed, who helped complete the railroad tracks under orders from General Ulysses Grant. Many documents refer to the name Sneedsville, but the name itself never had a town officially chartered under it. Some long-time residents of what would become Dickson refer to the original name as Smeedsville, with an M, instead; some documents also support this idea. The matter is complicated by the fact that handwritten documents from this period were often written in such a way that the difference between an N and an M is difficult to determine. The railroad engineer mentioned previously is also sometimes identified as Smeed rather than Sneed. The name Smeedville appeared as early as 1865. However, an 1865 Union officer’s report also refers to Sneedville, rather than Smeedville, making the matter even muddier; an 1865 USPS ad similarly refers to Sneedsville, but later postal documents refer to Smeedville and Smeedville Station, instead. One of the few things that is clear about the whole naming conundrum is that the town name was changed to Dickson in 1873 and stayed Dickson from then on. Though little if any documentation for why the change occurred exists, it could well have been to avoid confusion with another town by the name of Sneedville, which still exists in Hancock County.

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