About Monster Home Services

Nate and Jamison had worked in the home improvement industry for over 40 years combined. They have also been best friends for nearly 30 years. Back in 2008, while cooking on their smoker, Jamison was explaining to Nate how he could not keep his gutters clean and not overflowing, and that he had tried several big box store guards that just did not work.

The two decided they would build a big roof panel with a pump and PVC pipe to create a rain service. They added a gutter and began testing every gutter solution product they could find eventually ordering a sample from major chain companies to try. They finally found one in Florida. It was a micro-mesh product that would do what was needed. It had some shortcomings but actually did the job, so they installed it on Jamison’s home.

In 2019, while scanning the internet, Jamison decided to look back into the gutter protection world and found a very unique product in California. He called Nate and they drug the big old roof out from under the deck and started testing it. They also called and got a few other products that had come out since 2008.

After testing them all, they both realized that they had found the best product on the market. Its name was Valor, a micro-mesh system with a raised S-curve mesh. After testing it with 3,000 gallons of water an hour, and the product taking in every bit of the water, they knew they had something. They then tried to clog the system. They smeared Honey on the mesh, Shingle oil, even grease. It would NOT clog! Jamison made a call to the manufacturer and asked who he could get the product from in the Nashville area.

After realizing that there was not a dealer, Jamison and Nate decided to go into business. Monster Home Services LLC was born!

Locally owned and operated by Nate and Jamison, best friends for over 40 years, Monster Home Services LLC is proud to be the gutter company you can count on to deliver beyond excellent work. Serving Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas, Monster Home Services LLC has the expertise and knowledge needed to take on any task relating to gutter services and screen rooms. For more information about our services, contact Monster Home Services LLC today!