Turn Up the Heat with Outdoor Fireplaces in Nashville TN

Are you ready to elevate to your outdoor relaxing area? An outdoor fireplace is a beautiful addition that provides heat and ambiance for any outside experience!

Outdoor fireplaces are able to be made in a variety of styles which include traditional, rustic and modern. Outdoor gas and wood burning fireplaces expand the use of your backyard. A fireplace that’s outside can greatly define your patio or deck as the main area to entertain and more.

Our team of professionals knows that when looking at ideas for the perfect outdoor fireplace, you could run into some unexpected limitations. We will gladly walk you through the operation and measures of buying your new outdoor fireplace.

Monster Home Services is proud to make quality workmanship our primary concern. Our team of trained professionals will work with accuracy to ensure that all outdoor fireplaces are built Monster Strong for sturdy and safe use for years to come. And with our affordably low prices, you may be surprised to learn just how cost-effective outdoor fireplace installation can be. 

Outdoor Fireplaces Monster Home Services

Advantages of an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can extend your backyard comfort, especially in the fall, as the nights get chilly. In addition to that, it can make a fantastic focal point in your landscaping as a cozy heating source for cool evenings, a custom fire pit is a versatile addition while also enhancing your enjoyment of your yard.

Outdoor Fireplace Styles

There are plenty of fireplace types to consider as you select or create one custom for your backyard. Built-in fireplace designs include chimneys, which is beneficial for air purity reasons. Stone, brick, concrete, and stucco are some of the favored materials. These are typically chosen to match the materials and outer appearance of your house. 

Custom Fireplace Designs

We can construct a fireplace that fits any home’s decor, from elegant modern styles to charming Spanish Missionary styles. Some fireplaces are minimal and have just a small firebox, while others include storage space on either side of the fireplace for a balanced face. 

Wood or Gas Burning?

Wood fireplaces have a classic charm, with the comforting crackling noise and the pleasant smell of burning logs. Be that as it may, they need more maintenance and are less heat efficient than gas stoves. Burning logs create creosote, which you’ll need to have cleaned out of your fireplace. If the main use of your fireplace is going to be for heating, you may want to opt for gas. Gas stoves can merely be switched on and off, which is convenient and low-maintenance.

Outdoor Fireplace Monster Home Services

Outdoor Fireplace Vents​ Monster Home Services

Ventilation Systems

Wood-burning fireplaces need a smoke shelf to avoid flooding the area with obnoxious smoke. The smoke shelf will generally rise higher than the outdoor furniture encircling it. Gas fireplaces can be installed with or without a vent. Vent-free fireplaces use an air filtering system to remove harmful toxins from the air before it is released, eliminating the need for a vent. Direct vents take air in and then release the gas byproducts directly into the air without cleaning them first. If air cleanliness is important, vent-free gas fireplaces may be more attractive. 

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