Fly High in Shelbyville TN

Shelbyville is a city in Tennessee and the county seat of Bedford County. Shelbyville is about 50 miles southeast of Nashville in the hills and valleys of Tennessee. It is very well recognized for its cultural history roots and great beauty. The Shelbyville Airport is the perfect place to learn to fly, add even more ratings, or just overall enhancd your flying skills you already know. If you are located in Middle Tennessee, this airport is perfect for you. It is only 20 miles south of Murfreesboro and it is parallel to HWY 231 which is the four Lane Highway. If you live on the south side of I24 in Murfreesboro you have better accesss getting to the Shelbyville Airport faster than you can get to the Murfreesboro Airport.The Shelbyville Municipal Airport (KSYI) recently went through an large full airport remodel in 2019 and completely rebuilt a runway that is 5500 Feet long. The airport has six different approaches. KSYI is located just about 30 miles of six other flight airports which make it easy to do approaches, control tower operations, and take off and landings for practice at different airports. The airport building was built in the 1960’s but has been through a renovation recently. You will spend half the time or less in line for departure and more time on your flight when you practive in Shelbyville.

Monster Home Services LLC Shelbyville TN

They have three different flight instructors: michael carter the senior pilot, parker pritchard the flight instructor, and andy shafer the instructor and corporate pilot. They have a focused vision to serve small market airports. They have spent a lifetime constrcuting, building and growing the flight businesses with air charter, aircraft maintenance, operation services and flight training. Their desire is to take the step and gain knowledge to help make their airports the very highest quality they can be. Monster Home Services is happy to be able to offer screen porches to Shelbyville.