Versatility of Stamped Concrete in Your Home

We all know that concrete is just so dull. There’s nothing pleasant about it, and it usually just serves as a building material – its decoration potential is quite terrible. But, did you know there’s an alternative? It’s called stamped concrete, and it’s something you can in fact use for decorating your home. At Monster Home Services we’ll happily help you get it done, but let’s go over its uses first.

What Is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that’s been modified to give it a pattern resembling bricks, slate, stone, or wood. It’s still gray, but it looks a lot better than the flat slabs we’ve all seen before, and it’s a more sustainable alternative to flooring of bricks or natural stone. It’s also possible to get colored stamped concrete, so even the grayness isn’t always there.
Stamped concrete is extremely resilient, lasting 25 years at the least if well maintained, and its decorative options make it highly versatile. It sees the most use in stone walls, patios, pool sides, outdoor kitchens, specialty gardens, countertops, and driveways.

A Style Conundrum

With versatility comes choices – and occasionally choice paralysis. If you’re feeling lost, we’ve put together a handy list of styles that might strike your eye.
Antique: the antique style gives the concrete realistic shadows, along with extra hues that highlight the texture and accents. This style is good for traditional spaces and enhances room depth.
Cobblestone: the cobblestone style mimics the look of hand-cut cobblestones, going so far as to cleverly imitate the pattern of irregular and rounded corners found in actual cobblestones. This style is formed with a random interlocking pattern, making it best for outdoor staircases or entryways.
Wood: the wood style creates a look and texture of wooden planks, right down to the tree rings. This style works well for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Red brick: the red brick style comes with a rose hue and nigh-perfectly imitates the appearance of actual red bricks. This style is good for entryways and driveways.
Sandstone: the sandstone style comes with a light color scheme; it has a random interlocking design modeled on actual hand-cut sandstone, and it even has a rough texture, too. This style is good for upping the elegance of your flooring, though it also works for outdoor spaces.

We hope we’ve helped you today. If you’re feeling interested in us, come give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.