Insurance and Your Storm Damaged Gutters

Storm damage is a common event. Hail and wind can harm your home, as well as falling trees. So, insurance has developed around this kind of damage to help homeowners, covering wind and storm-related damage. Knowing your policy’s coverage is important if your home suffers storm damage.

Some insurance companies will refer contractors after you file a claim. But be aware that referred contractors aren’t your only option. As a homeowner, you have your choice of contractors for repairing the damage. Speak with the local contractors and choose the one that seems the best for your needs, rather than letting your insurance company pick the contractors.

If you hire a general contractor, they will typically hire subcontractors to do the work. This isn’t ideal, both because the general contractor takes a cut of the payment, raising the overall cost, and the general contractor usually hires the least costly subcontractors. Contracting for work on your home is not a situation where you want to hire whoever has the lowest price tag, because this is an indicator of low-quality work or an inexperienced contractor. The situation is similar with insurance companies, who will normally hire the cheapest subcontractors they can find.

However, when you take it upon yourself to research and hire contractors, you can ensure you will get quality repairs. Look for contractors who have a good work record and strong reviews. It is vital to know who will be doing the work on your home.

Dealing with storm damage is not a walk in the park, but resist the feeling of urgency and research to find the right people to fix the damage. Here at Monster Home Services LLC, we value excellent work. We service Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas, and we have the expertise and knowledge to take on any exterior repair task. Contact us today!