How Might I Keep My Sunroom Warm all Winter

We face a good variety of climate situations throughout the seasons, and many people are fascinated to have the ability to watch the seasons change directly from the comfort of their sunrooms. Tennessee is well known for its constantly changing climate. As Mark Twain once said, “On the off chance that you don’t care for the climate, hold up 5 minutes and it will change.” He was really implying to New England, but, the saying can apply to many places, like Tennessee.

Sunrooms Expand Living Space

Families that are blessed to have a sunroom at home can enjoy the beauty of the outside while staying inside. A sunroom expands your living spaces and is most of the time known as the most treasured spot. Some enjoy making the most out of their morning espresso or an evening nap. When the leaves start to fall and change, it begins to get a bit chilly. You may be wondering just how might you keep your sunroom warm during these winter months? Below are some methods to be sure you stay comfortable in your sunroom throughout the whole year.


Start this process by examining the entryways. Replace any weather stripping that might be damaged or missing. This will help block off any cool drafts.


Be sure that the windows are constructed with energy proficient two-pane glasses. You can even find windows today that are triple-paned and contain a protecting argon gas.


The majority of sunrooms built today have tile floors. To heat up that cold surface, pick a dense mat to protect your feet from the freezing tiles. If you happen to already have area rugs, this will include a thicker cushion underneath for a good amount of more protection.


A second way to help keep out any drafts is to hang floor-to-roof drapes. Thermally insulated window curtains can help block the winter chill and fill in as blocking the bitter weather. In addition to these things, they can shield the warm inside air from leaking out.

Roof Fan

If you by chance happen to have a roof fan, set the speed to the lowest possible setting. Change the setting to the option that the edges turn clockwise. This generates warm air right down into the room.

Warmth Source

On the small chance that you are very fortunate to have a chimney right in your sunroom, control it during the winter months. If you don’t have a chimney and the room is not fixed into your home warming source, there are different options to warming your space. One of the best choices you should consider looking into is a portable space heater. This is a warmth pump which is a great option for add ons and places where just a small area needs to be warmed. A smaller-than-usual mobile space heater can sometimes fill in the spot as air and cooling units.