Deck Maintenance Tips

A deck will add many years of memories to your home if it is properly maintained. Over time, the wood decking will start to wear down and even begin to rot if it’s not taken care of. Continue reading below to learn a few ways how to maintain your deck. A little care and tips will give you a more hardy and comfortable outdoor space for years to come.

Regular Deck Inspections

The main key to good deck maintenance is regularly checking and inspecting it for rot, and making sure the structure is holding up. When you are just starting to learn how to maintain a wood deck, summer is the perfect time to review the deck’s condition, since the air is warm and dry.

  • Make sure to check the wood where the board meets up the side of your house, and where the stairs come in contact with the ground.
  • If you can see that there are exposed nails, they should probably be replaced with wood screws.
  • Any holes/cracks in the boards need a wood filler.
  • Replace any other rusty material that needs it.
  • Keep the deck cleared off, this is very essential in autumn as leaves are falling.

Clean the Deck

Before you can apply sealant, you will need to do a thorough cleaning of the deck. Dirt and build up will get in the way and cause the sealing process to not go through. Debris in the way of any spaces between boards should first be blown out with a strong nozzle on a hose or any power washer. The water may also be helpful in reducing any chemicals that may have come into contact with shrubs and plants. It is very important if you are pressure washing to NOT go overboard!

Sand your Deck

Before sealing your deck off, it needs to be sanded. If you desire to eventually stain the deck, sand the surface before applying stain to make the wood more able to absorb the layer. Sanding also gives the advantage of finishing with a smoother, more comfortable surface. This is always better as it is less likely to have splinters.