Costs of Patio Furniture Assembly Services

While assembling patio furniture yourself may save costs at present, it can cause expensive problems in the future. The equipment may be unstable or unsafe for use if the assembly is done on your own. Anything electrical should be done by a qualified professional to avoid electrocution or short circuits.

So, with this in mind, how much do assembly services cost? Naturally, it depends on what’s being assembled and how much work it takes.

Patio furniture is one of the cheapest things to hire someone to assemble, with chairs on the low end, starting at $85, and the most complex pieces reaching about $400 at the most. Some assembly services may offer discounts for bulk assembly.

Gas and propane grills are, unsurprisingly, a very common piece of patio or deck furniture. Assembly prices can cost from around $42 to $75. However, this is merely a baseline. More sophisticated and complex grills will cost more to install. If a gas line isn’t in the right place for a gas grill, a new one will need to be added and connected to the house. Gas lines can be installed for as low as $90. Installing gas grills on your own is particularly unwise, because improper installation and connection to the gas lines may cause gas buildup in your house or cause fires in the wrong places.

Sheds take a lot of work to build. That’s why the average cost is $3,000. Smaller structures may be as low as $500, and highly elaborate ones can reach $6,500. These may seem like high figures. If these prices discourage you from building a shed, consider having a premade shed, which range from $200 to $1,000, assembled by an assembly service. Middle-ground assembly workers may assemble a premade shed for as low as $375.

If you need some bigger work done, we’re ready for it! Monster Home Services can construct screen rooms, patio covers, and gutters. If you’re tired of the mosquitoes and other pests invading your patio, you might consider enclosing it. Whatever your need, we’re proud to help! Contact us today to schedule a free quote.