Should you use Concrete or pavers for your project?

You probably know that both concrete and pavers can be used for certain types of flooring. Both materials are durable and last for a significant amount of time, but they do have their differences, which we’ll be examining here.

A central question to ask when contemplating which material to use is what makes one of the materials better than the other? Concrete and pavers are similar in that they’re hard, durable construction materials designed to last; they can handle vehicle movement if they need to, for instance in a driveway.

Concrete is typically more affordable but cracks more, whereas pavers are more expensive and are designed not to crack. A common argument in this line of thought is that pavers are better for their design options, which triumph over plain concrete. This is where stamped concrete comes in, as it makes up for most of the lack of design options on plain concrete.

Which One is Right for Me?

There’s a variety of factors that determine which of the two is best for your project. Cost, in particular, is a large one. Exactly what kind of project you’re doing factors into its total cost, as the eventual cost of a driveway varies depending on size, gradient, and how much excavation is needed, as well as which material is being used to make it. A similar set of constraints apply to installing a patio or walkway.

In general, concrete will be more budget-friendly than pavers. Concrete costs about $6 to $12 to a square foot, installed. Pavers have a much bigger cost variation, anywhere from $8 to $25 per square foot, counting installation costs. Especially high-end pavers may have you paying $50 per square foot, which is far from budget-friendly.

If you’re more concerned with aesthetics than money, pavers are probably going to be your thing. Stamped and/or dyed concrete is a good alternative if you don’t have the money or the means to use higher-end pavers.

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