Caring for Kids & Pets during your Patio Enclosure Project

When you are living in a home during a project, it’s a challenge. Anyone who’s been there would agree with you. When you add kids or pets to the chaos things get a whole lot more difficult. How do you keep curious, active kids from getting harmed when you have construction going on at home? What is the best thing to do with nervous animals who won’t stop barking at the workers?

Find a Safe Place for Your Pets

Pets need to be kept far from work areas for their own safety and the safety of the people working on your patio. This can help show that your pet is friendly and will give them a chance to become familiar with the workers in your home, and this will hopefully lead to less stress for your pet.

  • Keep your pet in a safe room during the day and maybe with access to a run area.
  • Set up a good dog run away from the construction, and line it with privacy material.
  • Drop your dog off at daycare — this may be helpful during busy hours.

Have Side Entrances for Workers and Family

This will help keep construction dust and dirt out of living areas. Pick a door for the workers near the construction zone to keep down traffic through the house.

If Hazardous Materials Are Around, Stay Somewhere Else

Any remodel is going to have a good amount of hazardous material. If you or one of your children have health concerns, you should probably stay in an alternative place during the construction.

Always Keep a close Eye on Kids During Construction

As a parent, you know how fast a little kid can decide to do something. Make sure you keep a close eye out for young children.

Prevent Possible Escapes

Cats are very well known for sneaking out through the space of an open door. You might want to keep in mind possibly posting a sign that states “cats room” to be sure you are keeping workers out. You may even want to place a chair in front of the door to keep a worker from accidentally letting the cat out.