Sam Davis Home in Smyrna TN

The city of Smyrna is filled with a deep history. There are so many memorials, monuments, and historic sites you could visit. If you are interested in Civil War history especially if it happened in Tennesee, check out this article. I will be featuring the Sam Davis House that is located in Smyrna, TN. 

Sam Davis was a Confederate soldier and considered a hero in the South. Davis was loved and appreciated where ever he went. He died truly being a real hero and loyal friend. When Davis was captured for being a spy, he was offered an opportunity to be released if he revealed the names of his informants. However, it is believed that Davis said that he rather die a thousand times than give up their names. General Dodge of the Union punished Davis by hanging him in front of the entire city as an example. The people of the South took and still take great pride in his actions and loyalty. 

The site in Smyrna named the Sam Davis House used to be the plantation where he grew up. His family had up to 50 slaves during this time. The historic site includes 2 homes, slave quarters, several outbuildings, and the family cemetery. There are also many of their personal belongings that are set up in a display case. Not only would this be a great trip for those who love history, but it would be an ideal field trip for the children. It is a great way to learn about their state’s and nation’s history all in one. 

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Since the house is open for tourists all year round, there are many places you can get food, snacks, and trips. There are indoor and outdoor places that provide shade or cover for any type of weather. If you want the full experience, pack that lunch and enjoy the view sitting on the porch with the best screen porch in Smyrna, TN!