Churches in Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Churches to be found in Goodlettsville include the following: Goodlettsville Church; First Baptist Church; Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church; Parkway Baptist Church; and Goodlettsville Church of Christ. With that in mind, there’s plenty to review if you’re looking for the right church for you. Let’s start with Goodlettsville Church first.

Goodlettsville Church

Goodlettsville Church says “Belong. Grow. Serve.” Where and in whom? Right on the website home page, and in Jesus Christ Himself. Their mission is to help ordinary people like you believe in Jesus and grow from the experience. Sunday morning worship is at 9 A.M. (9:00 in 24-hour time). Furthermore, Goodlettsville Church has its own app. Goodlettsville Church is Presbyterian in origin: in 1843, a small group of Christians met on the banks of Mansker Creek at Walton’s campground, and from there, a church was formed. Its name changed to Goodlettsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1850, from Mansker’s Creek Congregation. In 1902 the church was rebuilt after a fire. The building still stands and is now the present Goodlettsville Church’s Youth Sanctuary. If you ask a random stranger in the area what they think of Goodlettsville Church, there’s a good chance you’ll get a reply extolling its friendliness. If you’re still not convinced, go there yourself.

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Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church

Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church is glad to welcome you into their community. They offer sermons every Sunday at 10 A.M. (10:00 in 24h time), which can be attended in person or online. Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church finds comfort in the hope offered by God; indeed, their view of the path to salvation is that there is one path only. What is that path? That set forth in the New Testament of the Bible itself. They find the Scriptures to be the final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

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