Gallatin Miracle Park

Welcome to the Gallatin Miracle Park! This is not your typical park, but truly one of a kind. Everyone is welcomed here and your age does not matter. The City of Gallatin and its department’s motto is to “enhance resident’s quality of life, bolster the area’s feeling of community and help attract tourism, business, and new residents”. 

The Miracle Park is actually designed for children and adults with special needs. There are several different components of this park. Some of the features of this park are the wheelchair-accessible paths, artificial turf ground, easy to ride bikes, merry-go-rounds, musical instruments, and much more. Their goal was to come up with a new and innovative playground that will not only suit these children and adults, but also any other members of the community. 

Not only is the playground going to be the best, but also the amenities around the park. To get around the park, there are going to be paved sidewalks. They also want to build accessible bathrooms for all the visitors. Another thing they want to install is new scoreboards with the latest technology so that anyone around the park can keep up with the game. There will also be bleachers and seating areas to accommodate all types of weather. The city has taken this one step further and installed the best gutter guards in Gallatin, TN to ensure the water will run down the gutters smoothly and not cause any leakage or any type of safety hazard. They would like to add gates and fences for extra security.

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This park will not be cheap to build. The estimated costs are approximately 1.5-2 million dollars. Their goal is to have their park built as soon as the grants are approved. The city is also accepting donations. This is truly one of the hidden gems in all of Gallatin and possibly the entire country.